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Helping Your Student Succeed in High School

Help your student create a daily schedule for school days:
Waking up- Set an alarm. Make sure to have enough time for getting ready and eating breakfast.
Be prepared:
Bring schoolwork/books/supplies; organize the night before.
Arrive at school on time.
Choose a quiet well-lit study area free from distractions.
Get in a routine- complete homework at the same time every day.
Organize- Use a planner or organizer to keep track of homework assignments/tests. 
Be involved: Attend Open House, parent/teacher conferences, Connector Conversations Join Moms and Dads Club. Monitor your student’s assignments/grades on PowerSchool. Communicate with your student’s teachers, counselor, or administrator about any concerns.
Talk with your child everyday: Ask how things are going in school, with friends, schoolwork, peer pressure, etc. Be aware of who your child is spending time with and what they do. Always know where your child is. Make sure your child knows how to reach you at all times.
Monitor your child’s online activity, i.e. facebook, twitter, snapchat. Talk to them about using social media responsibly. Set firm, but fair rules for studying and spending time with friends.
Be alert for any problems: If you notice any changes in your child’s behavior- moodiness, withdrawal, skipping school, dropping grades talk to your child right away. If needed, seek help from a teacher, school counselor, or administrator. Report any incidents of bullying to the school.