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Letter from Principal Beato

Principal's Welcome Letter

Dear Parents,  


It is hard to believe that we are over half way done with the school year.  2019 is in full swing and we are moving along here at South Lake High School.  Although our school year is just about half way over, it is important for us to remember to go full steam ahead and not let our zest falter. There are quite a few important events coming up and many opportunities for our students to shine.  

First, I wanted to personally thank our teachers, support staff, parents and families for the constant support.  The students here could not do it without you, and we know you will continue to meet your child/children halfway.  At the same time, I want to remind the students to meet their teachers and family halfway as well.   

Our ninth graders, who now have a semester of school under their belts, should be well aware of the expectations of high school.  We are all encouraging the ninth graders to challenge themselves by using the study skills, prioritizing strategies and organizational tools that their teachers have taught them.  We have seen so much growth with the freshmen; I know they will make us proud!  

Our sophomores should work towards continuing to boost their GPA.  Sophomore year is inevitably a time where balance and prioritizing is of the upmost importance.  Sophomores have greater privileges and responsibilities; whether it be driving, a later curfew, more freedom…it is important to balance the academics and social aspects of life.    Sophomores must stay ahead of the game in order to avoid scrambling later in high school.  Let us encourage these tenth graders to keep working hard   

The spotlight is on our juniors this year! Indeed, all four years of high school matter and all are equally important, but eleventh graders have an important job this year—showing what they know on the SAT is an amazing challenge.   It may take extra time after school, spending optional time on test preparation websites, and late nights might be more frequent; however, if there is ever a time to put a foot on the gas, junior year is it.  Please make sure to take advantage of our after school SAT free tutoring sessions here at the high school.  These sessions will be held on Mondays and Wednesdays for one hour.    

Equally important are our twelfth graders.  Seniors are in the home stretch, but, just as in any game or sport, finishing strong is key.  Some seniors already have a plan for next year or have already enrolled in college classes, but it is important to remember that actions now affect the future, and staying on the right path is imperative.   Many fun events are in store for the seniors—Senior Awards Night, the Senior All Night Party, Prom, Graduation, and many other senior privileges. With all of the fun to be had, we want our seniors at their best, we want our seniors safe, and we want our seniors to be positive role models for the underclassmen.  

Although each grade possesses different roles this year, all four grades are united and working towards a common goal—learning is our top priority. In a few weeks, each grade will participate in our annual Test Fest on March 6th (SAT/PSAT practice test).  Together, let us remind our students that effort equals success and hard work pays big rewards!  With that said, all freshmen, sophomores and juniors will be taking the real PSAT and SAT on April 9th and 10th.   
            I am confident that we have learned a lot more than academics here at South Lake High School this year.  We have learned the importance of teamwork, and we have learned the power of supporting and leaning on each other in good times and in bad times.  Positive choices we make today will lead to a bright future.  The power lies within our students and I know they will
make us proud.




Mr.  Beato