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Attendance Policy


South Lake High School believes that attendance is imperative and is the foundation of a successful student. There is a direct correlation between a student regularly attending school and their academic success. In fact, research shows that attendance may be the most important factor influencing his/her academic success. Encouraging regular school attendance is one of the most powerful ways parents can prepare their child for success in school and life. It teaches students responsibility and attendance is one of the most valued traits by employers. By making your child’s school attendance a priority, you are sending the message to your child that education is a priority in your household and that you expect your child to take this responsibility seriously. Students who attend class regularly are more likely to keep up with daily lessons and assignments, and take quizzes and tests on time. The State of Michigan and South Lake Schools share the opinion that classroom attendance instills a concept of self-discipline, exposes a student to group interactions with teachers and fellow students, and enables a student to hear and participate in class discussion and other related learning experiences. Attending school is necessary and required by state law. Students who do not maintain good attendance may fail, lose certain privileges, be referred to truancy officers, and/or have their parents/legal guardians taken to court.

This attendance policy aims to encourage students to come to school regularly, be on time to their classes and attend school for the entire day.

  1. A) Students who have three (3) verified absences or less, zero (0) unverified absences and five (5) or less tardies (including both verified and unverified) for a semester will have earned the right to exempt one exam for that current semester.
  2. Students MAY NOT exempt from their 1st semester AP Class(es) Exam(s).
  3. Students will be given an exam exemption card from the office and must present it to the teacher whose exam they are exempting from.
  4. B) Students who have earned an exam exemption will still receive an exam grade which will be an average of the assessments in the class as determined by the teacher and will count for 20% of their semester grade.
  5. C) Students who have earned an exam exemption will still be expected to attend school and will be able to participate in an alternate activity during the exam time that they are exempting from.
  6. D) Students who have perfect attendance for the semester, zero (0) verified absences, zero (0) unverified absences, zero (0) verified tardies and zero (0) unverified tardies will earn a second exam exemption that follows the same policies as stated in sections A.I, A.II, B and C.
  7. E) Students who have three (3) unverified absences in any class and/or eight (8) verified and/or unverified tardies in any class they will be placed on the No Activities List (N.A.L) and will not be allowed to participate in extracurricular activities or events including but not limited to:
  • Athletic Team Games, Practices, Events, Tournaments or other Team Activities
  • Club & Organizations Meetings/Events/Rehearsal/Practices-Band, STUCO, NHS, Science Olympiad, Robotics, C2 Pipeline, Class Meetings, Float Building, LINK
  • Homecoming Dance
  • Snowball Dance
  • Prom
  • Oscars Night
  • Field Trips

Please note that students who incur ten 10 or more verified absences without proper documentation (doctor’s note, college visit, recruiter meeting, job shadowing, Take Child to Work Day) in a class will be reviewed by the attendance committee and subject to being placed on the N.A.L.

  1. F) First Hour WILL COUNT toward absences and tardies.
  2. G) Attendance reports will be run weekly.
  3. H) Students who are on the N.A.L. can be removed from the list by having ten (10) consecutive school days of perfect attendance. This can only be done once a card marking. Students will no longer be offered after school detentions to get themselves removed from N.A.L.
  4. I) Students will be given a letter indicating that they have been placed on the N.A.L. and cannot participate. The letter will also include that the student will have to demonstrate 10 consecutive days of perfect attendance (perfect attendance means no verified or unverified absences and no verified or unverified tardies) in order to be removed from the N.A.L. STUDENTS ARE RESPONSIBLE for returning this letter to the attendance office at the end of that 10 day period and get a signature of approval from an administrator or the attendance secretary that the student has met the criteria and is once again allowed to participate. AGAIN, students will only be able to do this once per quarter.
  5. J) Parents and guardians wishing to call their son or daughter out of school must call the attendance office or come to the attendance office and present ID. Students will only be released to those individuals listed on his/her Emergency Contact Form.

Notification of Absence

If a student is going to be absent, the parents must contact the school at 586-435-1450 within 48 hours (2 school days) of the absence and provide an explanation.  If prior contact is not possible, the parents should provide a written reasonas soon as possible.  When no reasoning is provided, the absence will be unverified and the student will be considered truant.  If the absence of a student appears to be questionable or excessive, the school staff will try to help parents improve their child's attendance.



Each student is expected to be in his/her assigned location throughout the school day.  If a student is late in arriving at school, s/he is to report to the school Attendance Office before proceeding to his/her first assigned location.  Students who are more than 10 minutes late will be considered absent for that instructional period. They will be marked as Tardy 10 and it will count as an unverified absence.


Verified Tardy

A student comes late to class, after the bell sounds with a pass. Parents may only call in to excuse a tardy in 1st hour.


Unverified Tardy

A student comes late to class, after the bell sounds, without a pass.




Documented Tardy

A student comes late to class with a pass from an administrator, teacher, counselor, social worker, etc. This tardy does not count against their attendance record.


Verified Absences

A student who has missed the class period and has a parent call the attendance office or bring in proper documentation for the absence within two school days.


Students may have a verified absence from school for one or more of the following reasons and will be provided an opportunity to make-up missed school work and/or tests:

  • illness
  • recovery from accident
  • required court attendance
  • professional appointments
  • death in the immediate family
  • observation or celebration of a bona fide religious holiday
  • such other good cause as may be acceptable to the Superintendent


Students with a health condition that causes repeated absence are to provide the school office with an explanation of the condition from a registered physician.


Student absences must be reported to the Attendance Office within two (2) school days of the student’s absence in order for the absence to be verified. If there is neither a call by a parent nor documentation is presented to the attendance office within two business days of the absence, the absence will be unverified.

You may report an absence 24 hours a day. Please call (586) 435-1450 and leave a message with the student’s name, the date of the absence, and the reason for the absence, or you may bring in a note from a parent to the attendance office signed by a parent or guardian.

If the absence can be foreseen and the "good cause" must be approved by the principal, the parent should arrange to discuss the matter as many days as possible before the absence will occur so that arrangements can be made to assist the student in making up the missed school work.


Unexcused Absences

Any student who is absent from school for all or any part of the day without a legitimate excuse and/or DOES NOT have a parent call in or bring in proper documentation for the absence within two school days shall be considered truant and the student and his/her parents shall be subject to the truancy laws of the State.


At the teacher’s discretion, an unverified absence in any class may result in the student not being able to make up the work that was missed during the absence. This includes any class assignments, homework, projects, tests and/or quizzes.

Unverified absences because of skipping may result in progressive disciplinary consequences that may include suspensions or other alternative consequences

Excessive unverified absences and/or tardies will be referred to the truant officers of Macomb County.

If a student, under the age of eighteen (18), is truant for more than ten (10) consecutive or fifteen (15) total days of truancy during a semester, s/he will be considered a “habitual” truant and will be reported to the proper authorities.


Perfect Attendance

No verified or unverified absences AND no verified or unverified tardies


Hall Sweeps

Hall Sweeps are conducted during the school day at random. Sometimes they are announced and sometimes they are not. Students caught in hall sweeps are directed to go to the cafeteria to check in with an administrator. Only hall sweep passes issued by an administrator will allow a student to class. Students will be marked tardy. The first time students are in a hall sweep, they will be issued a warning. After that, anytime a student is in a hall sweep again, he/she will have to serve a lunch detention.


Unverified absences from school (truancy) is not acceptable.  Students who are truant will receive no credit for school work that is missed.  After 10 consecutive or 15 total days of truancy during a semester, a student will be considered an "habitual truant" which can result in:

  • a poor participation grade which will become a part of the student's permanent record which may be sent to employers and postsecondary schools;
  • a hearing before a judge in a court of law;
  • a report to local authorities concerning lack of parental responsibility in providing proper care and supervision of a child.


Suspension from School

Absence from school due to suspension shall be considered an authorized absence, neither verified nor unverified.


A suspended student will be responsible for making up school work lost due to

suspension.  It is recommended that a student complete missed assignments during the

suspension and turn them in to the teacher upon his/her return from school.

Assignments may be obtained from the counseling office beginning with the first day of

a suspension.  Make up of missed tests may be scheduled when the student returns to

school. The student will be given credit for properly‑completed assignments and a grade

on any made-up tests.


Excusable, Non-approved Absence

If a student is absent from school because of suspension or vacation, the absence will not be considered a truancy, and s/he may be given the opportunity to make up the school work that is missed.


A verified absence allows the student to make up all possible work.  It is the responsibility of the student to obtain missed assignments.  It is possible that certain kinds of school work such as labs or skill-practice sessions cannot be made up and, as a result, may negatively impact a student's grade.


If the absence is unverified or unauthorized by the principal, a student may not make

up the work.


The skipping of classes or any part of the school day is considered an unexcused absence and no make-up of class work will be permitted.  Disciplinary action may follow.





Vacations During the School Year

Parents are encouraged not to take their child out of school for vacations.  When a family vacation must be scheduled during the school year, the parents should discuss the matter with the principal and the student’s teacher(s) to make necessary arrangements.  It may be possible for the student to receive certain assignments that are to be completed during the trip.


Make-up of Tests and Other School Work

Students with a verified absence from school or who have been suspended shall be given the opportunity to make-up work that has been missed.  The student should contact their counselor and/or classroom teachers as soon as possible to obtain assignments.


  • Make-up work due to suspension must be completed within 2 days after returning to school.


  • Make-up work due to a verified absence must be completed within 2 days after returning to school.


  • For extended verified absences, students will be given the number of days of verified absence within which to make-up work.


If a student misses a teacher's test due to verified absence, s/he may make arrangements with the teacher to take the test.  If s/he misses a State mandated test or other standardized test, the student should consult with the Assistant Principal to arrange for taking the test.



The school encourages students to attend as many school events held after school as possible, without interfering with their school work and home activities.  Enthusiastic spectators help to build school spirit and encourage those students who are participating in the event.


However, in order to ensure that students attending evening events as nonparticipants are properly safe-guarded, it is strongly advised that students be accompanied by a parent or adult chaperone when they attend the event.  The School will not be able to supervise unaccompanied students nor will it be responsible for students who arrive without an adult chaperone.


The school will continue to provide adequate supervision for all students who are participants in a School activity.  Students must comply with the Code of Conduct at school events, regardless of the location.


Students participating in after school events including athletics, must be in attendance for ½ of the school day in order to participate. Violations may result in removal from the event and/or suspension.