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After School Dismissal Policy

This is a reminder to all students and parents regarding after school dismissal. All students are expected to leave the building by 3:45 unless they are being supervised by a teacher or coach. If they are with a teacher or coach, they must stay in that designated area at ALL times, under the supervision of the staff or coach.
Unfortunately we do not have the staff or resources to supervise students after 3:45 if they are not in an after school activity. We understand it is getting colder outside, but for safety and security reasons, students must leave the building.
Please make arrangements to have your student picked up after school remind them that they will have to wait for their ride outside after 3:45, so they will want to dress appropriately for the weather. Students walking home are also expected to leave the building at 3:45 and will want to be dressed appropriately for the weather as well. 
We appreciate your cooperation in helping us ensure the safety and security of all of our students.